Typical Outings

Let’s Go Shopping
Several times a week the Handybus collects a number of our users to go shopping at one of our local supermarkets at either Calcot or Tadley

Its a Night Out for The Ladies
The ladies from the Friendly Firs Group are off out for the evening


Its never to late to learn
A group of handybus clients enjoy an evening at our local bakery for a cookery demonstration

Handybus Services

The aim of the Burghfield and Mortimer Handybus is to enable the elderly or disabled members of our community to enjoy an independent and socially inclusive life style.
To facilitate this aim the Handybus run a wheelchair adapted 14 seat Minibus which is used daily by the Volunteers to provide the following services:-

Three days a week the Handybus picks up a number of our users from their home and transports them to one of our local supermarkets, either Sainsbury at Calcot or Sainsbury at Tadley. After shopping the users’ bags are collected and, on returning home, delivered to their doorstep by the volunteer escort or driver.

Clubs and Societies
The Handybus supports several organisations by supplying transport for their members who would find it difficult, if not impossible, to attend without this service due to remote location or time of day.

Medical appointments
The Handybus is fitted with a wheelchair lift which enables the transport of wheelchair bound users who would have difficulty with other forms of transport.

Newbury or Reading trips
On  Tuesdays the Handybus runs a service to either Reading or Newbury on alternate weeks,  picking up from users’ homes or at a convenient location.

A number of times a year the Handybus runs excursions to places of interest or to the coast.

If you are interested in using any of these services and qualify by either being entitled to a bus pass or have a disability that makes using public transport difficult please go to the contact page and send us a request.